"I’ve loved your jewelry before I met you in person. Ever since my first purchase years ago… it’s been my favorite place to shop not just for myself but for all my loved ones. I love your unique designs and craftsmanship. And above all I’ve loved working with you to collaborate for The Giving Tree. You really have been such an essential part of our fundraising and to help us spread awareness about cancer. I wish you all the success and happiness in the world Amna". -Samia Khairi
"Amna Shariff jewellery is simple yet so sophisticated. There is a delicacy in the design and fine craftsmanship. Wearable for all occasions. Congratulations! On 20 years of superb design". -Sarah Bilgrami
"Congratulations to Amna and her team of silversmiths for 20 years of amazing products. I have followed Amna almost from the beginning and am wearing her very first pieces with the same delight as some of the more recent ones. Amna’s design is strongest when it combines Pakistan's cultural heritage with strong craftsmanship, quality silver and an eye for modernity. The Harappa collection is my all-time favorite and the Harappa ring never leaves my finger. Well done, Amna, and we are many who look forward to the next 20 years''. -Vibeke Jensen
"Very unique & original designs. Contemporary with an ethnic touch. Quality stands out. Dealing with customers is very much smooth with timeless delivery. Loved the cufflinks that were customized into Urdu initials. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary!" -Zahra Salman
"I have been following your work ever since I was a student at NCA from 2003 to 2006.It’s also around the same time I became really passionate about jewelry & especially silver. I fondly remember the early days when you used to stock at Khaadi. I still have those early pieces that I bought back then. The multi disc ring is probably one of the first piece I bought of yours. It’s been inspiring to see you continue your practice & witness how you have evolved as an independent designer. Hope you continue to create beautiful pieces by mixing traditional & contemporary, which to me is a signature style. Lots of love!"♥️ -Rehan Bashir
Amna Shariff Jewelry has been my all-time favorite for several years now. Every time I want to treat myself or need a bit of a pick-me-up I find myself scrolling through their website. Her designs are exquisite, craftsmanship is outstanding and customer service is nothing short of spectacular. Each of her pieces gives me great joy and I feel like my best self, wearing them. Thank you for sharing your art. -Zehra Moinuddin
"Thank you so much Amna Shariff Jewelry. Your pieces are amazing. The price points are affordable for the art you sell! Would definitely come back to splurge on more stunning jewelry soon!!" -Arbaqan Changezi
"Amna Shariff Jewelry in Silver and Gold Plated has roots in both the classical and the edgy. She is intrepid and eclectic in her choices of form, structure, balance and color. Her intuitive understanding of how these metal work against skin, how each piece sits or shifts with movement, have made her a designer of note. Not only are her regular exhibitions part of Lahore calendar, but she has made Amna Shariff Jewelry synonymous with elegance, timelessness and chic." -Lailah Rehman
"I have been a customer of Amna Shariff Jewelry for several years and have purchased many pieces. I have been totally satisfied. Her designs are contemporary, creative and innovative. It is suitable for everyday wear as well as for special occasions. Amna provides excellent, efficient service and I highly recommend her." -Diana Mir From France
"I have been buying Amna's beautiful pieces for as long as I can remember. Her attention to detail, the craftsmanship of her jewelry and its overall simplicity drew me in from day one. When Amna started out there were hardly any silver jewelry designers in Pakistan. Her work was such a breath of fresh air and I am so happy that she continues to make such gorgeous pieces two decades later! I am pretty certain I am going to wear her work to my wedding, one day." -Sonya Rehman
"I love wearing Amna's pieces, especially silver bands and stone rings. I treasure them and honestly, each ring is a statement. My friends know what to get me for my birthday! Love your bangles. Love your stone rings. The filigree, the intricacy, my fingers are married to your rings for life. Just got a band made from you for my little finger, I am in love with it ... your pieces are a treasure in my collection. So proud of your work. Bravo girl, keep it up! Your pieces are the best retail therapy a girl can have.♥️♥️♥️” -Kulsoom Aftab
"I first saw Amna Shariff's designs 20 years ago, as a teenager, shopping with my mom - since then I've been a fan girl! I would spend all my time, marveling over those pieces, wishing to wear them someday. Seeing this brand evolve over time, from a curated shelf to one of the coveted jewelry brands of our country, has been truly heartwarming. Amna's passion and love for the craft shines through her work. It's always a delight to adorn her pieces and an honor to be a part of her journey. Wishing her more success and growth in years to come". -Amber Javed
"I am obsessed with Fatima’s ring. I paired it with all my outfits on all three days of Eid. I can't tell you how much I love it! Thank you so much.♥️" -Ayesha Lari
“Congratulations to ASJ on 20 years! Truly believe that jewelry is an extension of oneself. It is expressive, personal and that is why Amna Shariff Jewelry has always stood out to me. Her pieces are one of a kind, be it daily wear plain silver bangles or a pair of filigree earrings for a night out! The perfect amount of delicate, detailed and downright gorgeous. Thank you for your timeless collection ASJ. Forever your biggest fan❤️❤️" -Fatima Khan
"Amna’s jewelry is simply amazing and I love her interpretation of our old traditional classics. The focus of her work is not to satisfy the current trends of jewelry but instead is on quality, craftsmanship and design. Thank you Amna for giving a new fresh life to our precious jewelry traditions." -Kiran Mian
"Thank you for the lovely earrings and your superb customer service. I needed them on an urgent basis to gift a friend and the way you guys facilitated me was awesome! Keep up the great design and delivery going!" -Tabinda
"Thank you so much. I absolutely love the ring! The band is gorgeous with finesse finishing. Also, the payment and delivery process was super smooth. Thanks once again". -Zainab
"Thank you very much for making it in such a short time, it was a birthday gift for my wife Samar and she loves it"😃 -Haider Ali
"I have Amna Shariff pieces from many years ago and I love them, so I’m sure these new pieces will be enjoyed for many years to come. Thank you again!"❤️ -Asiya Zaidi
"This is my second time buying Amna’s jewelry. The pieces are beautiful and really well finished. I especially love the Chaand Balis I bought this time around. Thank you so much! Your workmanship is much appreciated"😃 -Tara Bhargava Sanon
"Thank you so much for how helpful you were in the entire selection process and helping me pick out the perfect stone. The quality and finishing on it is absolute perfection. I honestly just came to your studio out of curiosity and I’m so glad that I did. The rings are now part of my everyday look. I can’t wait to debut the Taarkashi set at my best friend’s engagement. You guys have such timeless designs I think I’ll be wearing them forever". -Pernia Gillani
"I recently had the pleasure of discovering a hidden gem in the world of jewelry - beautiful unique silver jewelry. As someone who appreciates the finer things in life, I must say that my experience with their exquisite silver jewelry collection left me absolutely enchanted. The craftsmanship and attention to detail evident in their designs are truly remarkable. Each piece exudes elegance and sophistication, while also maintaining a sense of individuality that sets it apart from the ordinary. So, I would like to advise everyone who reads this message, go ahead, and indulge yourself in the mesmerizing allure of beautiful unique silver jewelry. You'll be glad you did". -Anastasiya Tariq
"I've now fully embraced silver, and Amna Sharif pieces have become my go-to for elegant and budget-friendly options. I love gifting these silver treasures to women who share my taste. The designs are exquisite, and I find it difficult to leave home without wearing at least one of my Amna Shariff pieces from my collection. The customer service is top-notch too, making the shopping experience all the more satisfying ✨". -Beegul
"I received the earrings and they’re beautiful and the birthday girl LOVED them!! Thank you for sending them on the 14th as promised 🙏". --Kiran Mian
"The intricate details and delicate design of the filigree work are breathtaking. I can only imagine the skill and dedication that went into creating such a remarkable piece. It is an absolute treasure and I am beyond thrilled to have such a stunning piece of craftsmanship.💖" -Arshmah Mehmood
"Received the pendant it’s absolutely beautiful it’s very finely made and I love all the little details😍” -Saima Gul